HRH Princess Ellen de Fantine

With our new special features section I introduce you to my good friend Princess Ellen de Fantine of Monaco. She is a truly good hearted spirit and so fashionably conscious; we had to start our sunday features blog roll with her.
Always a Princess for the people she takes the time to interact with everyone in her presence. She has created networks for people to communicate with each other, with her and to gain information on her family.
More importantly Princess Ellen de Fantine is a native of Brazil, but now lives in the vibrant and sunny city of Monaco. A true princess for the people she likes to take simple scarves and other woman's accessories and turn them into style, elegance and sophistication. She is known to us as the " Fashionable, Fabulous Princess Ellen de Fantine. She embodies elegance in everything she does and wears and still remains humble and approachable to everyone. Fluent in French, Portuguese and English I have the pleasure of communicating with her directly and I'm fortunate to have her as a friend.
She is considered one of the most accessible Royals in the world. So loving and compassionate; those qualities show throughout her compassionate works in Charity.
A descendent from the The House of Lords of Sousa. Princess Ellen de Fantine studied in Brazil before taking up residence in Monaco.
To follow her updates - She can be found on Twitter : @deFantine.
Images from Princess Ellen de Fantine's Personal Collection.


  1. Borsalino trouve Ellen Magnifique, splendide....une Princesse quoi !!! Kisss

  2. Merci.. thank you all for the lovely comments. I so appreciate you coming to my blog and enjoying what I have written. There will be another tribute to Princess Ellen later in the summer. Stay tuned.

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  4. É de fato impressionante o poder que esta mulher tem em transformar o "simples" em luxuoso,sofisticado e glamuoroso. De fato,sair de secretária numa secretaria de Estado do Tocantins,para os "holofotes" da vida de uma "princesa", é realmente "admirável".Rs. Sorte!!

  5. there is no such person as princess Ellen de la Fantine. There are no royal families named de la Fantine.

  6. No surprise that she is a friend of "Lady" Catrina Pietra Toumei, another fraud who is wanted in the United States for Fraud


  7. It is important come from??
    And status?
    It~s nice and brigt person-
    Is more important


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